Oral Care Travel Kit - 5 piece


Oral Care Travel Kit - 5 piece

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Keep your pearly whites fresh and clean on the go with the SmileDirectClub Travel Kit. Perfect for vacation, work, school, or the gym, the Travel Kit’s durable design was made to hold up no matter where you take it. It’s water-resistant, and it even comes with a convenient hanging hook. But the Travel Kit is more than just a case. It includes all you need to maintain your oral care routine wherever you happen to be. Stocked with a full-size travel toothbrush, whitening dental floss, and hand sanitizer, your Travel Kit comes pre-packed for your next adventure. Plus, a plethora of pockets make it easy to keep your travel essentials organized. There’s even a special spot for your aligner case. The travel bag can also fit the electric toothbrush


*aligner case not included in travel kit

  • Fits all of your travel and aligner essentials, and then some. 
  • Durable, water-resistant design features a convenient hanging hook.
  • Includes a built-in spot for your aligner or retainer case.
  • Comes stocked with a full-size travel toothbrush, whitening dental floss, and hand sanitizer.
  • Travel toothbrush’s compact, foldable design stores easily and protects your brush during travel.
  • Travel toothbrush’s antimicrobial lining keeps brush compartment clean.
  • Dental floss contain premium whitening ingredients to keep your smile bright.
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer contains soothing aloe.
  • Pockets help keep your travel essentials organized.
  • Perfect for travel, work, fitness clubs, school, and more.

1. The case is made of two parts that click together and can be opened. To open, hold the top of the case with one hand, put your finger in the opening at the back, and pull apart.

2. Snap your brush head into the base of the case.

3. To close, place the cover of the case on top and push to click.

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