Teeth Whitening LED Accelerator Light


Teeth Whitening LED Accelerator Light

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Turn your smile up a notch with our patented bright on™ 20-LED accelerator light, made with the same technology as the lights used by dentists. It’s portable and easy to use, so you can brighten wherever, whenever – just plug it into your smartphone or USB port and use for 5 minutes twice daily with your whitening gel. We recommend pairing with our bright on premium teeth whitening pens. 

  • Whitening pens sold separately
  • Made with the same technology as the lights used by dentists
  • Hands-free, smartphone-powered 20-LED light
  • Portable and easy to use – brighten wherever, whenever
  • Accelerates our bright on premium teeth whitening in only 5 minutes twice daily
  • Works with iPhone and Android
  • Low battery consumption

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Enhance the power of your bright on® premium teeth whitening with the same type of LED light technology used by dentists. This cool blue LED light activates our Bright Boost™ formula to work even faster.

First brush your teeth, but don't floss. Open the bright on® premium whitening pen and twist the bottom until a droplet of gel is visible on the brush. Using a circular motion, brush the gel onto your 6 top and 6 bottom front teeth. Then plug the LED light into your smartphone using the appropriate attachment, insert it into your mouth, and wear it for up to 10 minutes. It’s normal for the gel to foam on your teeth, and it’s harmless if you happen to swallow some. Once you're finished, take the light out of your mouth and spit out any excess gel.

Remove the detachable cables from the LED light to avoid damaging them. Using lukewarm water, rinse and wipe off the mouthpiece. Allow the light to dry in a well-ventilated place. Once dry, pack it into its plastic case.

Be sure your power adapter is fully plugged into your phone’s port and clear of any debris. Your device must remain in an active state, not in sleeping mode or with a locked screen, otherwise the light may shut off. Simply unlock your phone and check that it is charged to power the LED light for the full treatment time. If the light will not turn on with your phone, test the device by plugging the cord into another powered USB port.

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