Teeth Whitening Kit - LED Light and 12-Month Pen Supply


Teeth Whitening Kit - LED Light and 12-Month Pen Supply

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Our teeth whitening kit contains everything you’ll need to achieve full enbrightenment. Behold, 2 full whitening treatments (a year's supply) plus our LED whitening accelerator light. Our bright on™ premium teeth whitener is 3x faster to use than strips. And the blue LED wavelength accelerates our Bright Boost™ formula, so you could see your brightest bright even faster. Now go forth and shine. 

  • Same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists
  • 3x faster to use than strips
  • Helps remove years of tough stains
  • Achieve your brightest bright in 1 week, 5 minutes twice daily
  • Whiten for 1 week every 6 months 

  • 9 bright on premium whitening pens (2 full whitening treatments + a bonus pen)
  • Hands-free, smartphone-powered LED accelerator light, so you can brighten on the go
  • 20-LED light for maximum results
  • Android- and iPhone-compatible
  • Low battery consumption
  • Professional-quality teeth whitening at home
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Fast-absorbing
  • No-mess brush applicator
  • Make sure to brush your teeth before starting – it’ll help the teeth whitening absorb better.
  • Remove the cap and slowly twist the bottom of the pin until you see a droplet of gel form in the brush.
  • Brush the gel on your 6 top and 6 bottom front teeth in a circular motion. The gel will foam and penetrate your teeth. Continue to slowly twist the bottom of the pen to dispense more gel as needed until your 6 top and 6 bottom teeth are covered.
  • Grab your LED accelerator light and plug it into your phone or USB port. Gently bite down, pull your lips over the mouthpiece, and use the light while the gel is on your teeth.
    Note – Be sure your power adapter is fully plugged into your phone’s port and clean away any debris that may be present. If the light is plugged into your phone, your device must remain in an active state, not in sleeping mode or with a locked screen, otherwise the light may shut off prematurely. Simply unlock your phone and check that it is charged at least 50% to power the LED light for the full treatment time.
  • After 5 minutes, remove the light and unplug it from your phone. Spit out the excess foam if needed – but don’t rinse. Do not rinse, eat or drink for 20 minutes after you’re done with the light. The teeth whitening will continue to absorb into your teeth.
  • Last but not least, go forth and shine.

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