Teeth Whitening Kit


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Our teeth whitening kit contains everything you’ll need to achieve full enbrightenment. Behold, 2 full whitening treatments (a year's supply) plus our LED whitening accelerator light. Our bright on™ premium teeth whitener is 3x faster to use than strips. And the blue LED wavelength accelerates our Bright Boost™ formula, so you could see your brightest bright even faster. Now go forth and shine. 

  • Same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists
  • 3x faster to use than strips
  • Helps remove years of tough stains
  • Achieve your brightest bright in 1 week, 5 minutes twice daily
  • Whiten for 1 week every 6 months 


  • 9 bright on premium whitening pens (2 full whitening treatments + a bonus pen)
  • Hands-free, smartphone-powered LED accelerator light, so you can brighten on the go
  • 20-LED light for maximum results
  • Android- and iPhone-compatible
  • Low battery consumption
  • Professional-quality teeth whitening at home
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Fast-absorbing
  • No-mess brush applicator

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Teeth Whitening comparison

Teeth Whitening Kit Teeth Whitening Pens – 8 pack Teeth Whitening Light
Product Teeth Whitening Kit Teeth Whitening Pens – 8 pack Teeth Whitening Light
Price $79.00 $49.00 $49.00
Pens 9 8 1
Full Treatments 2 2
Months of Enbrightenment 12 months 12 months