Pro Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light


Pro Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

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Brightening your smile doesn’t have to be complicated, so we made it simple. Our convenient Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel uses the same enamel-safe, low sensitivity formula used by dentists and leaves your smile up to 12 shades brighter in 1 week.4 The kit is complete with our patented 20-LED rechargeable wireless light to easily give your whitening treatment a boost. All you need is 10 minutes once a day, and you’ll see professional-level results after just 1 use.

1 Advanced Whitening Gel – 6mL

  • Brightens up to 12 shades in 1 week.
  • Includes up to 20 treatments.
  • Short wear time – just 10 minutes a day.
  • See results after just 1 use.
  • No-mess brush applicator.
  • Cool mint flavor. Vegan. Gluten-free.
  • Same enamel-safe, low sensitivity whitening agent used by dentists.

Rechargeable Wireless Whitening Light

  • Patented 20-LED light boosts results.22
  • 1 charge lasts a whole week.
  • Light recharges on the base.
  • Automatic 10-minute treatment timer.
  • Lightweight and reusable.
  • Mouth tray with easy-wear comfort bite plate.


  • Twist the bottom of the pen until a droplet of gel forms. Gently brush gel onto your teeth. The gel will foam.
  • Repeat for your upper and lower teeth.
  • Turn on the Wireless Whitening Light, insert the mouth tray, and gently bite down.
  • Keep the light in for your 10-minute whitening session. After 10 minutes, the light will beep and turn off.
  • Remove the light and spit out any excess gel – do not rinse your mouth.
  • Carefully rinse the mouth tray with lukewarm water. Do not submerge the Wireless Whitening Light.
  • Thoroughly dry the Wireless Whitening Light.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel

  • Water, polyethylene glycol, hydrogen peroxide, poloxamer 407, t-butyl alcohol, etidronic acid, sodium stannate, DTA, peppermint oil.

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