Picture Perfect Bundle

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Picture Perfect Bundle

Regular price $97.00 $77.60
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After trying our whitening products, 95% of customers said they would use it again.


Our Picture Perfect Bundle is the perfect gift for those who capture every moment. This bundle will brighten, freshen, and protect their smile for festive social events. It features our whitening kit that will get their smile 9 shades brighter with our rechargeable, reusable Wireless Whitening Light and patented 20-LED light technology. Our cordless Large Tank Water Flosser will remove 99% of the plaque between their teeth.12 And the Stain Barrier Pen will prevent beverages from staining their teeth.

Wireless Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Short wear time – just 10 minutes a day for 1 week.
  • Starts whitening after just 1 use.19
  • No-mess brush applicator keeps gel off hands and on teeth.
  • Up to 9 shades whiter in 1 week.1
  • Same enamel-safe formula used by dentists, with low sensitivity.19

Large Tank Water Flosser

  • 50% more effective than string floss when it comes to improving the health of your gums.12
  • Reservoir holds enough water for about 90 seconds of flossing.
  • A single charge lasts a full month.
  • 3 pressure modes – normal, soft, and pulse.
  • Perfect for people with braces or other dental work.
  • Includes an extra flossing tip – as a spare or to share.

Stain Barrier Pen

  • Prevents stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and soda.
  • Blocks stains for up to 4 hours.
  • Easy to apply and dries in 5–10 seconds.
  • Safe to use daily.

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