Smiles To Go Bundle

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Smiles To Go Bundle

Regular price $97.00 $77.60
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Clean, freshen, and brighten your smile anywhere your travels take you. Our Dissolving Whitening Strips dissolve on your teeth with no sticky strip removal, so you can whiten whenever and wherever you want for a smile up to 9 shades brighter in 1 week.7 The Compact Water Flosser is the perfect size to slide into your backpack or suitcase, and it delivers a deep clean that’s 50% more effective than string floss.25 And our Touch-up Whitening Pen gives your bright a boost while you’re on the go. So go ahead, floss and whiten at home, at work, or on the road.

Dissolving Whitening Strips (32 count):

  • Whitens up to 9 shades in 1 week7 – see results in just 3 days
  • Once-a-day treatment – 15–20 minutes
  • Strips dissolve, so there’s no messy residue or sticky strips to remove
  • Designed to wear anytime, anywhere, even while sleeping
  • Enamel-safe and specially formulated for sensitive teeth
  • Special conditioning agent extends results and smooths teeth

Compact Flosser:

  • Perfect for travel – pops open to a full-size flosser
  • 60-second flossing capacity
  • 50% more effective than string floss25
  • Removes 99% of plaque between the teeth and below the gumline25
  • Water-resistant and shower-safe
  • A single charge lasts a month26

Touch-up Whitening Pen:

  • Whiten up to 5 shades in 3 days7
  • 75% more gel than our standard pen
  • No-mess brush applicator keeps gel off your hands and on your teeth.

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