Large Tank Water Flosser


Large Tank Water Flosser

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Get a deep clean in between with the water flosser that’s 50% more effective than regular dental floss. The XL reservoir holds enough water for about 90 seconds of flossing, removing 99% of the plaque between teeth and below the gumline.* Just fill it with water, turn it on, and floss away. Featuring 3 pressure modes – normal, soft, and pulse – this water flosser is perfect for people with braces or other hard-to-clean dental work. The cordless design makes it easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about charging it after every use. A single charge lasts a full month. Plus, it’s water-resistant – you can floss in the shower. Includes one extra flossing tip.

· Removes 99% of the plaque between the teeth and below the gumline, where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach.*

· 50% more effective than string floss when it comes to improving the health of your gums.

· Features 3 pressure modes: normal, soft, and pulse.

· Big, new XL tank holds enough water for 90 seconds of flossing.

· It’s water-resistant – you can floss in the shower.

· Cordless design makes it easy to use.

· A single charge lasts a full month.

· Perfect for people with braces or other hard-to-clean dental work.

· Includes an extra flossing tip – as a spare or to share.

1. Charge your water flosser.

  • Remove the rubber plug from the flosser and connect the charging cord.
  • Plug the charging adapter securely into a standard wall outlet.
  • The “CH” light blinks when your water flosser is charging, and it turns off when it’s fully charged. A full charge will take about 4 hours. Don’t forget to put the charging base cover back when you’re done.

2. Before you begin.

  • Attach a floss tip to the water flosser and open the water reservoir of the tank.
  •  Fill the reservoir with lukewarm water and close the cap. You can also slide the entire water reservoir down to remove it from the flosser, fill it from the top, and reattach it.
  • Choose your pressure mode – normal, soft, or pulse. If you’ve never used a water flosser before, we suggest starting with “soft.” You can always change the mode while using your water flosser.

3. Start flossing.

  • Hold your water flosser in an upright position with the tip pointed toward your teeth. Partially close your mouth, but keep it opened slightly so water can flow out. 
  • Turn your water flosser on and direct the water jet at a 90-degree angle to your teeth and gums. Move it slowly along your teeth, then along your gumline.
  • Thoroughly clean between your teeth (and around any braces, crowns, or bridgework).
  • There’s no set amount of time to floss, so do whatever feels right for you. Refill the reservoir whenever you need to.

4. After flossing.

  • Open the water reservoir cap and empty the tank.
  • Point the tip toward the sink and turn on the water flosser to drain any remaining water. Turn it off as soon as it stops expelling water.
  • Close the water reservoir cap and wipe your flosser with a dry cloth.

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