Travel Toothbrush Brush Head 2-Pack Refill


Travel Toothbrush Brush Head 2-Pack Refill

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The American Dental Association recommends changing your brush head every 3 months. This prevents bacteria from building up in the bristles, affecting your oral health and general wellbeing. And a fresh brush head is key for keeping your SmileDirectClub Travel Toothbrush in tip-top shape. With just 3 easy steps to replace your brush head, you’ll be ready for take-off in no time.

  • Angled brush head on one side, tongue scraper on the other
  • Unique 3-bristle blend gently scrubs, deeply cleans, and massages gums
  • Package includes 1 replacement brush head. 
  • Dental professionals recommend replacing your brush head every 3 months. 

To replace the brush head on your travel toothbrush:

  • Twist it counterclockwise
  • Once loosened, lift up to remove.
  • Put on the new head and twist it into place. 

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