Free shipping on our New Fast-dissolving Whitening Strips

Whiten your teeth in just 15–20 minutes once a day. That’s 2x faster than the leading Whitestrips.* Plus the strips fully dissolve, leaving no mess.

*Results and wear time on teeth vs. the leading Whitestrip for 7 days.

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A better way to floss. No strings attached.

Our compact water flosser removes 99% of the plaque between your teeth and below your gumline, where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach.

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Our largest Premium Teeth Whitening Kit.

Whiten at home and on the go with our Premium Teeth Whitening Kit + Touch-up Whitening Pen.

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Make brushing anything but routine.

Two toothpastes to keep your smile clean and fresh. Sensitivity to repair and protect. Whitening to brighten and defend.

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The machine that freshens and cleans.

Our smile spa™ combines ultrasonic and UV cleaning to tackle 99% of odor-causing bacteria* on aligners, retainers, toothbrush heads, and more.

*5 common odor-causing bacteria: S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S. mutans, P. loesheii, F. nucleatum.

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Optimize your smile with the bright on® Pro Whitening System

It’s our most advanced teeth whitening system ever, designed to get your smile up to 9 shades whiter in 1 week.

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